7th July 2019

the KVB, Beijing
5th July 2019

yoyo, Beijing
30th June 2019

徐殿武, Beijing
29th June 2019

untitled, Beijing
25th June 2019

Alve  & Mao (designers, SIRLOIN), Shanghai. 
17th June 2019

happy elders.
14th June 2019

observations (work in progress, Beijing).
13th June 2019

observations (work in progress, Beijing).
12th June 2019

王孟秋 (founder of Hover Camera).
11th June 2019

night light.
9th June 2019

Lin ZiDan (Artist).
4th June 2019

still life.
1st June 2019

on the move.
27th May 2019

nature installation.
25th May 2019

state of bliss, over the skies of Penang.
22nd May 2019

stillness, Beijing.
21st May 2019

still life, Beijing. 
17th May 2019 

Alëna Olasyuk (Artist in Beijing studio).
15th May 2019

street style.
12th May 2019

120 film scan, Beijing Moods.
10th May 2019

Jiang, Coeval Magazine out take.
2nd May 2019

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